Executive On-Camera Presentation Coach – Public Speaking Media Workshop Launched

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Amy Scruggs announces her updated online media coaching program for those wanting to improve their public speaking skills and present a more polished and professional image.

The media coach has updated her web-based workshop, “Media Training for Professionals”, to include more strategies for public speaking. Scruggs helps media executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals in various industries overcome their fear of speaking in front of a large crowd.

More details can be found at https://www.amyscruggsmedia.com

The newly updated online media training continues Scruggs’ mission to empower her students to be more comfortable in front of an audience, whether in person or through a camera. She understands that even the most confident individuals may freeze up when asked to address a group of people.

This has many implications, says Scruggs, especially for high-ranking executives. She explains that given today’s quick-moving digital world, administrators need to be prepared for a variety of media situations. This includes knowing what to say and how to present oneself.

Media Training for Professionals is an intensive online program that offers practical techniques to achieve greater on-camera and real-time public speaking confidence. Scruggs works with students to craft effective messaging that can have an impact on their target audience.

The workshop has been updated to include more strategies on how to speak during Zoom or Google Meet conferences. Scruggs shows students where to look, how to sit, what to wear, and how to move and speak during an online call to evoke a professional and polished image.

Further, Scruggs works with students to pinpoint their exact fears of public speaking so that they can have fun while talking in front of people. The media coach says that this is one of the most powerful skills to learn, particularly for branding and marketing purposes.

The program is available for individuals or for team training. Interested students can schedule a complimentary consultation before enrolling in the workshop.

A satisfied client wrote, “Amy’s media coaching tips and skills prepared me to handle the fast-paced world of appearing on live, national TV. Her techniques gave me the confidence I needed to handle any on-camera situation. This has never been as important as in today’s fast-paced digital media world.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.amyscruggsmedia.com

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