Executive CEO Leadership In Uncertain Times On-Demand Online Training at Odigo

A new online training platform for leaders and executives has been launched. Odigo Academy aims to help leaders meet the challenges of these uncertain times.

A new online leadership coaching and development program has been launched, focusing on helping executives to navigate leadership amidst these uncertain times. With society set to be impacted well into 2021 and beyond, it’s important for leaders to adapt and grow to stimulate their company and the economy.

More information can be found at: https://www.odigo.academy

The newly launched course and online learning platform provides in-depth coaching on how to lead in uncertain times. Because it takes place online, the process is quick and simple, and leaders can develop at their own pace.

Odigo Academy has been created by leaders for leaders. It offers on-demand leadership training and allows businesses owners, entrepreneurs and executives to learn how leaders of the best global companies meet daily challenges.

The online learning platform contains unique and disruptive practical training content that has been created from over 17,000 executive coaching hours. Participants know that they are getting insight they can trust because it has been vetted by thousands of global leaders.

Benefits of the newly launched learning platform include real, practical and expert-led content created through years of experience across sectors. Because this information and insight comes from real-world experience, it is easy to adapt, employ, and action immediately.

Executives and course participants can access Odigo Academy video and text modules from any device anywhere in the world. The focus is on helping people to develop, grow and manage stress and challenges in uncertain times.

To this end, there are over 17,000 coaching hours available on the platform with insight from 210 global brands. Each course is led by successful executives from major companies. These teachers understand the complexity of operating with different cultures and in different countries.

By joining the program, interested parties are able to leverage expert advice to develop their leadership skills and help their company achieve their growth goals.

A recent member said: “This covers practical, yet effective techniques to develop people, teams and organizations.”

Full details of the online training program and the benefits of its modules can be found on the URL above.

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