Excelsior CA Senior Care Creative Writing – Memoir Editing Services Launched

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San Francisco CA based Elder Manage Care (+1-630-638-1489) have launched updated creative writing and editing services for seniors in Excelsior, Mission Terrace, Ingleside, Sunnyside and Oceanview.

Elder Manage Care, elderly assistance specialists based in San Francisco, CA, have launched updated creative writing services for seniors living in the Oceanview, Ingleside, Outer Mission, Mission Terrace, Sunnyside and Excelsior neighborhoods. The launch expands the company’s creative program to stimulate and engage the minds and imaginations of San Francisco’s elderly population.

More details can be found here http://eldermanagecare.com

The newly updated creative program for old people is part of Elder Manage Care’s ongoing community outreach, providing compassionate, personal care and assistance to the elderly in their own homes.

According to the World Population Review, over-65’s account for around 13.6% of San Francisco’s 3 million-plus residents. Research and clinical studies have shown that artistic endeavors have a positive effect on health, particularly in dealing with the anxiety and depression that often accompanies chronic conditions and degenerative diseases.

Elder Manage Care’s active mind services provide an expertly curated program of stimulating creative pursuits, designed to offer new experiences to the older members of the community. This has been shown to open up neural pathways, keep the brain active as it ages and help combat the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The company offer unique editorial and writing services, giving clients the chance to tell the story of their lives. They provide a wide range of creative support options including author mentorship, editing, proofreading, writing practice, peer workshops and ghostwriting.

The creative writing initiative seeks to empower seniors to capture their memories on the page, creating a record of their lives, both to stimulate their own mental faculties and leave a record of their life and achievements for loved ones.

Elder Manage Care are committed to ensuring privacy and autonomy are respected at all times. The team are sensitive to the preferences of their clients and are able to offer as much or as little assistance as required.

Craft workshops are also available to clients, giving older people a chance to try pursuits such as jewellery and mosaic making. Music is also on offer through piano and singing lessons.

Founded in 2017, Elder Manage Care provide dedicated home care, maintenance and administrative support services. The team are committed to helping the elderly population of Northern California experience life to its fullest in their later years.

A spokesperson says, “We dedicate ourselves to accompanying your loved ones in everyday activities. We go above and beyond so you don’t have to.”

With the launch of their updated creative support services, Elder Manage Care continue to enrich the lives of senior clients in the San Francisco area and beyond.

For more information please visit http://eldermanagecare.com

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