Evoluxio Releases new PPC solution for Law Firms and Home Improvement Companies.

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Implementing best practices in your PPC campaign is the difference between good results and stellar results. Evoluxio helps those advertisers that are unintentionally hurting their PPC results.

August 20, 2021. Evoluxio is launching its newest PPC Solution that will help Personal Injury Law Firms, Dental Practices, and Roofing Companies improve their paid search results significantly by running highly efficient PPC campaigns on Google and Bing.

Recently, Evoluxio’s PPC team of specialists analyzed 1,853 PPC campaigns over a two-month period and found that an astonishing 87.15% (1,615 campaigns) was not implementing simple PPC best practices. Jorge Rodriguez, Evoluxio’s Founder & CEO, decided to make it their mission to help those companies not implementing PPC best practices to turn things around and improve their results significantly.

Paid search is a very competitive market, with Bing slowly gaining ground on Google, and advertisers competing for the top spots and sometimes paying hefty prices. However, as Evoluxio’s research indicates, a majority of advertisers are not taking full advantage of their PPC campaigns and are likely leaving a lot of money on the table.

One of the most glaring omissions in advertisers’ PPC campaigns that Evoluxio identified was the lack of a conversion-focused landing page. 51.6% of campaigns analyzed were using their home page to direct traffic, while 34.5% were using an inner page within their website.

This single fact alone, not using a conversion-focused landing page, has a significant impact on an advertiser’s campaign performance. According to Jorge Rodriguez, Evoluxio’s Founder & CEO: “Businesses hardly imagine the difference a landing page can have on their overall results. We’ve seen some clients improve their campaign’s ROI by upwards of 30% just by adding one of our smart landing pages to their PPC campaigns”.

To help companies achieve results similar to those of their clients, Evoluxio has updated their PPC Solution to include a complimentary Smart Landing Page on every PPC campaign, a savings of $1,276. “This reflects our commitment to supporting SMBs in America. We want to help them grow not only by providing them with the best PPC management service they can find but also by making it a no-brainer to start their PPC campaign with us or to switch their existing PPC campaigns over to us”, stated Jorge Rodriguez.

Every business can see substantial improvements in their PPC campaigns’ results if only they choose to implement industry-standard best practices. Not only will they see an increase in the number of leads they get as a result of their PPC campaign but they also can experience a decrease in their ad spend.

For additional information on Evoluxio’s PPC management solutions, please visit evoluxio.com

Evoluxio is a boutique SEO & PPC agency helping premium law firms, dental practices, and home improvement companies to attract more new clients via their Business Development Program.

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