Evolution’s New 'Science' – New Evolution vs Creationism Booklet Released on Amazon Kindle

Evolution's New "Science" available Free March 5-9

William D. Ogden, author of the Revealed Truth blog, has published his first booklet, “Evolution’s New “Science” – Fact or Fiction” as a Kindle book on Amazon. The book compares the theory of evolution to “The Emperor’s New Clothes” fairy tale by Hans Christen Andersen.

Interested individuals can buy the book for $0.99 at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TWT751M/. The book will be available for free during a special 5-day promotion March 5th – 9th.

The book points out that evolutionists often dogmatically declare that evolution is a “proven fact,” but never actually prove that claim. Louis Pasteur demonstrated that “all life comes from life.” Evolutionists have not been able to create life from non-life. Nor have they been able to propose a viable theory of how the irreducible complexity of a living organism could happen by chance.

In discussing the main message of “Evolution’s New “Science” – Fact or Fiction”, Bill Ogden, the book’s author, said,

“Genuine science deals with what can be observed in the present, what can be tested, and what can be replicated. But the origin of the universe, time, and life occurred in the unobserved past. It cannot be tested or repeated. Evolution is just as religious a theory as creation because both beliefs are accepted by faith without actual proof.”

“Evolution’s New “Science” – Fact or Fiction?” is recommended for all Christians and anyone seeking the truth about the origin of the universe and life. Those who would like a preview can read the book’s introduction at http://www.revealedtruth.com/books/evolutions-new-science….

William D. Ogden is a scientist, engineer, and theologian, and has worked as an engineer in the Biopharmaceutical industry for over 27 years. In addition to writing on Creation Science vs Evolution, the author also writes Bible Study articles and blog posts on various topics including wisdom, prayer, and salvation.

Those who have specific questions about the book, or articles on the Revealed Truth blog, may contact the author via his website: http://www.RevealedTruth.com/.

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