Evernote Pro Secrets to Boost Productivity Work Smarter Video Series Launched

Stunning Clever has launched a new pro secrets video series 'Work Smarter with Evernote' - a comprehensive guide to the productivity platform Evernote.

Stunning Clever has launched a new video series focused on how to boost productivity using Evernote. The company has done extensive research into the platform and has revealed all of the pro secrets they’ve uncovered in the new series.

More information can be found by visiting: http://stunningclever.com/evernote

The business experts at Stunning Clever have searched for years for a productivity platform better than Evernote and they have failed every time. The video series goes into full detail explaining the features of Evernote and how it holds up compared to similar products on the market.

Evernote is a platform that allows professional teams and individuals take control of their professional and creative lives by acting as a second brain. The platform allows users to easily organize, capture and share their ideas with others in a simple and user-friendly way.

In addition to being an organization and productivity boosting platform, Evernote also improves communication both internally and externally. It also serves the double purpose of a project management tool as it has the capabilities to keep track of deadlines and helps to ensure deliverables are on track.

The Work Smarter with Evernote video series by Stunning Clever has all the information business owners and individuals need to make the switch to Evernote.

The video training series covers how to get started with Evernote, how to integrate it with other platforms like Zapier and IFFTT, how to use dictation and voice notes, how to decide which Evernote plan to purchase, how to set it up on your PC and your mobile phone, and much more.

The main draws of Evernote are that it’s available to access anytime and anywhere, all the user needs is an internet connection. It’s also completely paperless; storing everything in the cloud is the way forward for both organization and sustainability. The platform acts as a decluttering tool, a communication enhancer and an efficient goal tracker.

Anyone interested in streamlining their business activities, boost their team’s productivity and improve organization and communication both internally and externally is encouraged to watch the Stunning Clever video series on Evernote.

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