Evernote Boost Productivity Master Note System One Page Access Book Launched

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A new book has been launched based on how people can use Evernote to manage their life more effectively. It showcases a method of organization that allows people to keep all of their information on one page for instant access.

Author Marjory Harris has launched a new book called The Master Note System: A New Way To Use Evernote To Organize Your Life. It showcases the benefits of using notes to organize daily to-do lists, chores and activities on a single page. Written out of frustration with trying to find things she’d stored, it is a way to help people to manage their lives more effectively and be more productive.

More information can be found at: http://masteryournotes.com.

The site explains that the Master Note System is flexible and customizable, which means that it is designed to be able to adapt to the needs of anyone using it. The book can show people how to organize their thoughts, goals and objectives in a way that makes it easier to see and find them.

Marjory Harris has been a social worker, lawyer, counselor, and is also the founder of Multidimensional Problem Solving, which was the predecessor to her first book, The Personal Power Road Map.

In addition to this, she has a masters in psychology and a Juris Doctor degree in law. She has over 50 years’ experience in helping people to develop their self confidence, master their innate ability, and get a fresh perspective on life.

The Master Note System is designed to help people cut through their clutter, and get on top of their notes, whether they have piles of physical notes building up or are using a digital notes app.

Through using the system, people are able to find everything they need instantly, across all of their devices, in a one-stop spot for all of their notes on one page.

Readers will be able to increase their productivity through using the system, freeing up time that was previously wasted. In addition to this, they will get free templates to help people organize their work more effectively, and they will learn a new way to work that cuts down on clutter.

Full details of the book, and how it can benefit readers, can be found on the URL above.

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