Evergreen Online Course Creation – Skill Coaching Entrepreneur Program Launched

A new entrepreneur side hustle course has been launched by Jordan Outside. It covers expert tips and strategies on how to turn pre-existing knowledge into an online course.

Jordan Outside has launched a new course for entrepreneurs looking to turn their passion into a side hustle. It covers proven tips and strategies to leverage personal insight, knowledge, and experience and transform it into a profitable evergreen course.

More information can be found at: https://www.jordanoutside.com/how-to-teach-what-you-know-through-an-online-course

The new course is aimed at entrepreneurs wanting to create their own home-based business that allows them to fund their travel lifestyle. The online course industry is growing quickly, as more people turn to affordable video programs to gain a practical niche-specific education.

With the rise in popularity of Skillshare, MasterClass, Teachable, and other online course providers, business or art-focused entrepreneurs are finding more affordable alternatives to a university education.

The internet makes it easier for people anywhere in the world to access classes from industry leaders on a wide and varied range of subjects. Online learning is only growing in popularity, making this a good window of opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs with skills that solve common problems.

The new program from Jordan Outside offers modules on how to turn expertise into a business. Step-by-step video tutorials are provided, guiding participants through every element. The aim is to show students how they can become an expert in their niche – allowing them to teach their own skills to a wider audience.

One of the main benefits of this approach is that entrepreneurs don’t have to learn anything new on a topical level. They just uncover strategies on how to use what they already understand to create an evergreen education product.

The first module underscores what to expect, and outlines the structure of the course. Participants will then learn how to purchase a domain name, how to create their business email, and get an understanding of the most important resources. The program also discusses how to set up a website and create educational content.

A spokesperson states: “Anytime you want to get good at something, there’s a journey of bumps and bruises to get there. Your job as a course creator is to show your students how to solve their problem so they can get good at it too.”

Full details can be found at: https://www.jordanoutside.com/coursepreview

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