Evergreen Home Buyers Becomes The Top Rated Property Buyer In Jacksonville FL

Selling houses in Jacksonville isn't a long process anymore, thanks to Evergreen Home Buyers. They buy homes for cash without any hassle or delay in payments.

Homeowners who have foreclosure problems often want to sell their homes quickly to get out from under their past due mortgage payments so they can stop hurting their credit. However, it isn’t easy to find someone in Jacksonville ready to spill out cash and buy a house in as-is condition without asking too many questions.

Evergreen Home Buyers is changing that scene for the better. They are based in Jacksonville Florida and focus on helping homeowners get the cash they need by purchasing their properties. The husband-wife team, Daniel & Nelisa Lee, ensure a reliable, ethical, and timely approach so that the residents get what they are looking for.

Selling a house often involves a lot of procedures. It takes a lot of time, and both parties usually pay commission to the real estate agent. Evergreen Home Buyers eliminate that step completely. They are not agents; they are direct buyers. Therefore, clients don’t need to worry about waiting for potential sellers to contact them via agents.

Evergreen Home Buyers will buy the property from the client if it fits their purchase requirements and pays cash within a few days. They won’t ask clients to renovate the house or repair it and make it appropriate for selling.

Those who have foreclosure problems want instant cash. They can’t afford to waste time because they need to make various payments for which they don’t have money. Evergreen Home Buyers is a solution for those people. Here’s a quick look at how a Jacksonville resident can sell his house for cash to Evergreen Home Buyers:

• The entire process starts with the client calling Evergreen Home Buyers. A representative will explain the process once the client shares details about his property.

• The representative will also set up an appointment according to the client’s convenience so that a real estate expert from the company can visit the property. He will take a look at the property, inspect the interior and exterior, and ask about the reasons why the client wants to sell it.

• The expert provides a quotation for which he thinks Evergreen Home Buyers can buy the property for cash. He brings a no-obligation contract with him so that the client can sign it if he wishes to sell the house the same day.

• Evergreen Home Buyers will close the deal within seven days. The client can expect to get the cash once Evergreen Home Buyers closes the deal at a reputable title company.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even take them seven days; they can close the deal on the same day if everything goes according to plan. The biggest advantage of working with Evergreen Home Buyers is they don’t have any hidden fees. Clients get the money that the expert thinks is best for the house. There are no commission charges or realtor fees involved.

About Evergreen Home Buyers: They aim to make home selling an easy process in Jacksonville. People don’t need to wait for weeks to close a deal. With Evergreen Home Buyers, they only have to contact the company representatives. Daniel and Nelisa, the co-founders of the company, take care of the rest. They are the most genuine, reliable, and helpful company around that can buy properties without asking too many questions, thus offering a readymade solution to homeowners with foreclosure problems to sell their houses and get a huge amount of cash instantly.

Evergreen Home Buyers has also amassed over 80 5-star reviews, making them the top rated home buyer in the Jacksonville FL area.

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