Evergreen CO REALTOR Shares What Real Estate Agents Do for Buyers & Sellers

The Buyer Agent Search service answers the question of things a top agent should do on behalf of the consumer and shares three common questions asked by the consumers in looking for top agents.

A new report by Skyfor’s Buyer Agent Search service, headquartered in Evergreen, CO shares three common questions asked by consumers in looking for agents. Additionally it examines the question of the activities a top REALTOR should do on behalf of consumers. The topic came up at the Colorado KHOW Real Estate Consumer Radio Show hosted by Denver host and Realtor®, Barry Miller, and Colorado Springs co-host, Larry Stanley, with comments by Evergreen, CO, real estate agent Kathleen Chiras. This report also includes the two highly important items that should be on the consumer’s list of expectations — the evaluation of mortgage options and evaluation of price points.

More information is available at: http://buyeragentsearch.com/how-real-estate-agents-help-buyers-and-sellers/

The three common questions asked by consumers when they are seeking a list of agents from the Buyer Agent Search service are: 1) Is the agent knowledgeable about what kind of property the consumers can buy with loans that fit for them? 2) Will they help consumers decide what to offer (if buying) or what to list for (if selling)? and 3) Will the agent help consumers assess whether this is a good investment for them? These questions are crucial and helpful in finding out if the agent will promote the consumer’s best interests above his/her own.

The summary also discussed the three important factors that should always be on the consumer’s list of expectations. These are 1) Mortgage option assessment, which is important because it involves an area of expertise that is not easily found on the internet. This will also help consumers assess what type of loan matches their home search. 2) Price point evaluation; it includes performing a Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA), in which recently sold properties in the neighborhood are carefully analyzed. It helps the consumer determine a price to list (when selling a home) or a price to offer (when buying a home). This analysis is not easy for consumers to do on their own. 3) Real Estate Investment Analysis; where buyer agent should carefully listen, and help the buyer select properties that fit their budget, preferences, and needs. On the listing side, seller agents should assist sellers to price the property appropriately within the seller’s time frame and deadlines for getting the cash out of the sale.

These are the reasons why working with highly qualified and competent agents are important. The Buyer Agent Search service has helped consumers shop for top agents for the past 20 years. They provide personal consultations and listen to the consumer’s needs, which is crucial in finding the best agent for them. They maintain a list of top-notch buyer’s and seller’s agent anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica. Consumers may go to https://buyeragentsearch.com/find-a-buyers-agent to start finding top agents for free. For top agents specifically in Colorado, go to https://homebuyerscolorado.org/find-buyers-agent/.

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