Everett Wilkinson Release Copywriter Secrets Book

Expert copywriter Everett Wilkinson has released a new guide book showing readers how to become a pro copywriter and boost their conversion. It was written for people who have a product or service to sell but can't afford to pay thousands of dollars.

It’s a phrase that is often bandied about amongst business professionals: “Content is King.” But what does it really mean? Is it true? If so, how do so-called ‘newbies’ to content marketing navigate their way through the industry without getting bogged down by unreliable information and bad advice?

In a persuasive new book by Everett Wilkinson, “Guide to Becoming a Pro Copywriter: Discover How to Boost Your Conversations!,” the above questions are answered in detailed, unpretentious language; offering a ‘way in’ for those who are not yet educated on content marketing, or those searching for better tools for reaching their audiences. Synopsis: Content has evolved into an online business’ most valuable resource. With the right content, writers can encourage website traffic, build customer trust, and increase revenues. Content, as the pundits are fond of saying, really is king. This is all fine but for newcomers, content marketing can seem overwhelming.

Discover the solutions to the following problems: – What kind of content do writers need? – Should writers develop their content in-house or hire an outside source? – What roles do blogs, forums, and social media play in successful content marketing? Best-selling author and copywriting guru Everett Wilkinson provide a simple, sequential guide to the exciting world of content marketing.

Guide to Becoming a Pro Copywriter arms everyday people with all the information needed to develop a successful business plan, identify and publish relevant content, attract and retain readers, and convert readership into paying customers. Content is king, and with Everett’s step-by-step process, everyday people can reap the benefits of royalty. Since its publication, the book has already earned a five-star rating on Amazon and garnered rave reviews. As Everett realizes, the marketplace is changing rapidly, and there is an even greater need for education on the values of creating excellent effectual content. “With the explosion of entrepreneurs recently, more and more people are confused about how to proceed in business and put a plan in place to ‘get noticed,’,” says the author. “

Everett Wilkinson’s book sets the entrepreneur, professional and small business on a path to success.” Continuing: “Through the strategies presented in this book, readers become equipped with the tools needed to effectively tell their stories, develop meaningful business relationships and strengthen their brands. The end result? They become authorities in their fields – which is something that all professionals should strive to be throughout their careers.” ‘Guide to Becoming a Pro Copywriter: Discover How to Boost Your Conversations!’ is available now on Amazon: http://www.amzn.to/1Xq6zKa.

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