Everett WA Child Speech Therapist Language Development Opening Announced

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Clear Speech Inc has announced a successful facility grand opening in Everett, Washington. It is open to new patients and aims to help children overcome speech and language issues with cutting edge service.

Clear Speech Inc, a leading child speech therapy specialist, has announced a successful grand opening in Everett, Washington. Their new facility is now taking patients and helping children with their language development, speech correction, and language intervention.

For more information please visit the website here: https://clearspeechinc.com

The grand opening was Dr. Seuss themed with games in each room with one of the Clear Speech Inc. therapists. Over 50 people attended and a $100 gift card to Lakeshore Learning was raffled off.

Clear Speech Inc represents a new industry standard when it comes to pediatric speech and language intervention. Their services are all based around the fact that speech and language develop best in a natural environment.

For this reason, Clear Speech Inc invites the whole family into the therapy process. Ultimately this means that the patient experiences each session in a way that is more like visiting a friend’s house than a clinic.

One of the biggest benefits of this is that there is reduced anxiety around the visit. Children are more comfortable in a home environment. The resulting behavior, encouraged through the use of a familiar home setting clinic space, and a team sensitive to the needs of children, help to get a clearer picture of how children communicate naturally.

The team at Clear Speech Inc explains that they practice under the trademark of natural environment. They are the only clinic in the Pacific Northwest that can claim this privilege.

The length of speech therapy can vary depending on the child in question and their unique needs. The team at Clear Speech Inc says that for speech sound correction, therapy can last a few months thanks to the palatometer.

Palatometers can be worn by the child during their session, and is embedded with sensors that feed input into a computer. Using this technology, the child can see how their tongue is moving in real time.

A recent client said: “My son was just two years old when I realized he did not have as many words as he should have developed by his age. He also was not trying to say new words and avoiding some social situations that required talking. We can now have a conversation with our child!”

Those wishing to find out more about Clear Speech Inc can visit their website on the link provided above.

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