Eugene OR Window Cleaning Company Charity Donation Partnership Announced

Cutting Edge, a window cleaning company based in Eugene, Oregon, announced its charitable partnership with Bags of Love, a local charity organization. Between April 10 and 15, the company will organize a donations drive to provide necessities to local disadvantaged children.

Cutting Edge, a Eugene, Oregon window cleaning company, announced a partnership with Bags of Love, a charitable organization providing necessities and comfort items to disadvantaged children. Cutting Edge will organize a donation drive starting April 10, with a free donations pick on April 15.

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Throughout the US, there are many children who suffer from neglect, abuse, poverty or homelessness. Charitable organizations have always found ways to help them, whether by providing donations or counseling, and partnerships with local institutions are some of the most effective means of raising awareness of the dire situation of children in need, as well as to collect donations and provide comfort.

Bags of Love is a charitable organization aiming to help underprivileged children by organizing donations, working with a variety of local partners to collect and donate a wide range of products. More information on the company can be found at

The current charitable drive organized by Cutting Edge in partnership with Bags of Love aims to collect a wide variety of products for local children throughout Eugene and the rest of Lane County. For this purpose, beginning on April 10, Cutting Edge will set up a Barrel of Love location at their office, where customers can donate a variety of appropriate items.

A list of all the necessities can be found at the above-mentioned website. The list includes blanket sleepers, clothing for children, disposable diapers, toiletries, toys and many others.

On Saturday, April 15, Cutting Edge will organize a free donation pickup for residents of Eugene, Springfield and surrounding local area.

The April donation drive is the first charitable event Cutting Edge has participated in. Jason Brown, the owner of the company, declared that this is the first step in the company’s efforts to actively support the local community through charitable events and awareness-raising campaigns.

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