Eugene OR Cataract Surgery – Ophthalmology/Vision Correcting Procedure Updated

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Eugene, OR - Pacific ClearVision Institute (541-343-5000) announces that its cataract surgery has been further updated to include the latest research in ophthalmology. The center is known for combining personalized service with state-of-the-art technologies.

Committed to its mission of helping everyone have clearer vision, Pacific ClearVision Institute introduces its newly strengthened cataract surgery services. Now, patients can receive the treatment on the same day with no downtime.

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The updated surgery takes into consideration the millions of American adults who develop cataracts, according to the National Eye Institute. Experts have noted that the condition, which is characterized by blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and difficulty with reading, is often an effect of aging. Nevertheless, cataracts are burdensome, and people opt to receive surgery to replace the clouded lens with a synthetic one.

Cataract surgery is one of the most requested and performed procedures at Pacific ClearVision Institute. Until recently, there were only a few options available for those needing lens replacement surgery. Further, these surgeries usually took longer and had prolonged downtime. Following new research on ophthalmology, the institute can now perform the surgery at a reduced time so that patients can go about their day as normal.

New clients are encouraged to schedule an appointment at least a day prior to their intended date to practice social distancing. Then, their primary eye care provider will assess the severity of their cataracts and determine the available options to improve their sight, and if they are good candidates for the surgery.

Those who have other conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes may need to get the approval of their specialist before the surgery is approved.

Pacific ClearVision Institute works closely with its patients to determine which treatment plan is best for them. If they are approved for cataract surgery, the institute will guide patients on each step of the procedure to alleviate any anxiety or fears.

A grateful patient wrote, “They take such good care of you at ClearVision, they did a beautiful job, and my cataract surgery was absolutely painless. I could not believe how much I saw, and that was just the first hour. It is amazing what that surgery can do to help your vision.”

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