eToro Ethereum/Bitcoin Copy Portfolio Guide Trading App For Beginners Released

eToro has launched a safe and easy crypto trading app and released a copy trading guide allowing newcomers to the market to copy successful traders' portfolios, learn, and exchange tips with other investors online.

eToro has announced the release of its updated crypto trading app for beginners and a copy portfolio guide. The app aims to transform traditional financial investment and open up money markets to anyone, anywhere.

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The newly announced app and guide allows beginners and experts to connect with over 20 million traders and access professionally managed portfolios. Users can build their portfolio with 17 of the most popular coins and not be liable for any hidden fees. They can also practice their investment strategy with a virtual $100,000 portfolio before committing to any real financial investment.

The app includes access to eToro’s exclusive CopyTrader feature which allows users to copy successful eToro trades via a simple one-click mechanism. Users can choose their chosen trader, set their chosen amount to invest then select “copy” to immediately adopt that trader’s positions. They can select up to a hundred other traders to copy while retaining complete control of their portfolio, amending, stopping, adding, or withdrawing funds at any point.

The new copy trading portfolio guide details the process and is available on the eToro website.

The app also offers each user membership of a crypto trading community, where they can connect with other traders, share tips, and learn from each other. Members can chat with other successful traders who are keen to share their knowledge and experience. Users can view portfolios, risk scores, and statistics while discussing investment strategies.

Traders are paid via eToro’s Popular Investor Program if users copy their investment plans and are motivated to help and advise those starting out or users who want to benefit but do not have the time to commit to learning the nuances of trading.

The eToro app allows users to manage their crypto trades with an easy-to-use intuitive interface and stay up to date by following each coin’s trends via simple charts and analytics tools. The eToro wallet is integrated into the app to ensure users can add or withdraw money quickly and easily.

eToro has been a trusted pioneer in the financial tech industry since 2007 and has over 20 million users in 140 countries. They employ industry-leading security standards to keep clients’ money and data safe. Additionally, any funds stored are FDIC-insured.

Tech Crunch magazine said, “eToro’s transparency and community engagement features act as great tools for beginners to learn about capital markets.”

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