Ethically Produced Arabica Coffee Capsules – Animal Rescue Charity Aid Launched

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A highly-respected, family-run coffee company announces an expansion of its coffee products and accessories, with each purchase contributing to the work of pet rescue non-profit organizations.

Pet Rescue Coffee has updated its range of internationally-sourced coffee products. The company is a family-owned and operated venture that donates a portion of all sales to animal welfare charities. All purchases within the United States include complimentary shipping, with beans only roasted once an order is placed to ensure maximum freshness for customers.

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The expanded range from the highly-reputable team at Pet Rescue Coffee includes the rich, dark flavors of the Italian Roast as well as lighter offerings like their Breakfast Blend. Customers can enjoy the taste of South American beans, processed according to environmentally friendly standards and sun-dried for maximum flavor.

According to the National Coffee Association USA, coffee cultivation and trade first began on the Arabian peninsula. European travelers spread the word of this new beverage and by the 17th-century, coffee was fast becoming a popular drink across the globe.

Pet Rescue Coffee endorse a host of pet welfare organizations. Through the company website, customers can read about this month’s featured charity – Save A Dog Save A Cat. This non-profit is based in Prince William County, Virginia, and they work to humanely reduce the overpopulation of dogs and provide owner support to decrease shelter admissions.

The Pet Rescue Coffee range includes a 12 or 61-pack of single-serve capsules of the company’s premium gourmet Arabica Roast. The capsules ensure oxygen-free sealing and feature a new filter design that absorbs more grounds for a richer taste. This product is compatible with K-Cup brewers, including the 2.0 version.

Customers can also purchase coffee machines through the Pet Rescue Coffee store. Recent additions to the product line include the JASSY Espresso Coffee Maker which features 19 bar pump pressure, fast heating, and a 1.4-liter water tank capacity.

About Pet Rescue Coffee.

The company is run by a family that is passionate about animals. They have 15 cats of their own, each named after Harry Potter characters, and are committed to aiding the work of non-profit organizations acting in support of feral animal and pet rescue.

A satisfied customer says, “I couldn’t imagine a day without this coffee.”

With the launch of their updated range of roasts and accessories, Pet Rescue Coffee continue to set the standard for gourmet coffee across the United States and beyond.

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