Established Travel Blog Re-Brands with New Name and Improved Content

Mindful Travel Experiences is a travel blog operated by two experienced travellers who have visited over 35 countries. The site publishes their multinational travel experiences about travel tips, travel guides, outdoor activities, outdoor gear, culture, food, tours, and more.

London, United Kingdom— Mindful Travel Experiences is pleased to announce the launch of its newly re-branded site with improved content.

The travel blog, run by two long-time travellers, is committed to helping others understand the joy of travelling. Chris and Mary, the blog’s creators, have been to over 30 countries. They are eager to share the many cultural experiences that have shaped their lives today. After five years, they are proud to take the blog to a new direction through the re-branded website.

The pair invites readers to explore the new and improved content, which includes focused topics on “Outdoor Activities,” “Greece,” “Europe,” “World,” “Gear/Advice,” and “Travel Resources.” Users can easily find content tailored to their preferences. Mindful Travel Experiences aims to be a resource for outdoor enthusiasts and travellers alike.

As seasoned travellers, they are knowledgeable on a variety of topics. Readers can learn about air sports, eco-tourism, trekking, water sports, mountain sports, and more. While they are most passionate about outdoor activities, they cover a range of topics. To them, it’s vital that every reader finds something that appeals to them.

The blog’s writers have had the opportunity to experience many unique and fulfilling activities while travelling. Sharing these experiences is their way of promoting popular destinations and ensuring their audience is well-informed before embarking on any trips.

The pair have spent a lot of time in Greece, and have dozens of articles about the best beaches, islands, excursions, restaurants, and more. They’ve also spent ample time in hotspots throughout Europe including, but not limited to, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Their travels have also taken them to other continents like the Americas, Asia, and Australia. The blog structure allows readers to navigate to the content they are looking for and filter for guides relevant to specific destinations.

Besides sharing their personal experiences, the site owners also provide their readers with various travel resources to help them plan a stress-free holiday. They teach readers how to protect themselves with travel insurance, how to find affordable hotels, and how to prepare for activities by purchasing the appropriate gear.

There are few topics that Mindful Travel Experiences doesn’t cover. The re-branding represents the philosophy of the blog, which is what travelling is about being mindful, both of oneself and the surrounding environment. With these values guiding their work, the blog is set to take readers to new adventures on the horizon.

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