Essential Oil Zen, a New Aromatherapy Podcast on iTunes, is Now Available

A new podcast, Essential Oil Zen, debuts this week on iTunes. The aromatherapy subjects are helpful to beginners as well as those experienced in essential oils. The podcast is by Kathy Heshelow, founder of Zen Box, and author of "Essential Oils Have Super Powers".

A new podcast debuts this week at iTunes, called ESSENTIAL OIL ZEN, by Kathy Heshelow. Heshelow is author of “Essential Oils Have Super Powers: From Solving Everyday Wellness Problems to Taking on Superbugs”, and founder of ZEN BOX, a subscription box of essential oils.

“The podcast covers all sorts of subjects about aromatherapy and essential oils,” says Heshelow, who also founded Sublime Naturals, an organic products company. “I have short podcasts for those new to the subject, and longer ones that delve into essential oils inside of ZEN BOX. I’ll be adding one new podcast per week.”

Essential oils are an important component of wellness and holistic approaches today. Used through the centuries, and recognized in many circles as powerful aids, essential oils are extracted from plants and contain various components that can help wellness naturally.

Most essential oils are anti-bacterial and can help support the immune system. They can help with a myriad of common issues, such as better sleep, bringing down anxiety, relieving headaches, boosting the immune system, helping circulation, disinfecting cuts and burns, relieving inflammation and more.

A few of the initial podcasts include:

* How to Care for Your Essential Oil + Important Safety Tips

* 7 Reasons I Value Essential Oils

* How Effective are Essential Oils?

* Frankincense, Lemongrass and Soothe & Purify – Zen Box 2017

ABOUT SUBLIME NATURALS & KATHY HESHELOW Kathy Heshelow is the founder of Sublime Beauty, Sublime Naturals and ZEN BOX. The motto of Sublime Naturals is: Make Healthy Choices, Respect Your Body, Love Nature, and essential oils fit into that motto perfectly. The company sells therapeutic-grade essential oils and blends, diffusers, accessories as well as organic oils, including for the healthy practice of Oil Pulling.

ZEN BOX is a popular subscription box of essential oils sold through Sublime Naturals. Three essential oils are sent bi-monthly with education; VIP points are earned with each box; a standing 25% off discount is given to members to use anytime, and special 40% off essential oil promos are given in the “no-box” month. Free shipping, control of the account to pause, cancel or update information, bonus months with 4 items, and more perks are available.

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