Essential Oil Roller Bottles DIY Recipe Blends Holistic Wellness Guide Launched

A new guide has been launched by Loving Essential Oils, covering the benefits of roller bottles. It includes 50 recipes for benefits ranging from improved focus to recovering from upset stomachs.

A new printable guide to essential oil roller bottles has been launched by Loving Essential Oils. The detailed new guide highlights the benefits of roller bottles when using essential oils, and the best types of oils to use for holistic benefits.

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Loving Essential Oils has a popular online store featuring a wide range of accessories, oil bottles, and bundles. These are all designed to help customers get the most out of their essential oil collection.

In addition to the products in the online store, there are regular articles and guides covering essential oil use. These include how to use essential oils, essential oil diffuser benefits, and pieces on how essential oils work.

Now the site has released a new recipes for essential oil roller bottles guide. Roller bottles make topical application of oils simpler and easier. They can also save users time and money.

The newly launched guide explains that using oil in roller bottles will save customers money by making their oils last longer. Another benefit of the product is that the dilution does not weaken the essential oils at all.

As well as highlighting the advantages of using roller bottles for essential oils, the guide also details blends and recipes to use. Recipes are devised by Loving Essential Oils owner, Jennifer Lane, who is also a certified aromatherapist.

In total, 50 recipes are available in the newly launched guide. These include the Tummy Tamer, designed for upset stomachs. This involves a mix of four drops of lavender, three drops of peppermint, and three drops of ginger.

Muscle Rub can help with sore muscles thanks to its blend of peppermint, black pepper and clove. Meanwhile, Focus Blend helps users to stay on task and maintain focus over longer periods of time. This is attained through a blend of orange and peppermint.

The guide states: “Roller bottles can be rolled onto just about any body part with a few exceptions. Keep away from eyes, inside ears and mucous membranes to prevent irritation. Favorite places to roll oils on are bottoms of feet, neck, behind ears, wrists, temples, chest, spine/back and belly.”

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