Essential Oil Aromatherapy For Pain Management – Inflammation Remedies Launched

Loving Essential Oils, a website founded by a certified aromatherapist, Jennifer Lane, has issued two new reports on DIY solutions for pain management.

The website has published two new guides to help people with temporary or – in some cases – chronic pain problems better understand the healing properties of essential oils and the specific remedies that might apply to their condition.

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Loving Essential Oils has issued the new reports in response to increasing consumer demand, particularly among women and millennials, for natural but effective treatments to counter the debilitating effects of pain. After a strenuous workout, for example, people often prefer natural balms to medication. Similarly, chronic conditions typically do not respond to medical intervention.

Led by the United States, the global essential oil market is growing rapidly at almost 12% annually and is expected to reach a market size of well over $2 billion in the next few years. While it is known that essential oils can alleviate headaches and mitigate the symptoms of sleep disorders and respiratory problems, several studies have confirmed their efficacy in pain management, specifically pointing to many of the oils discussed in Ms. Lane’s report.

The first guide by Loving Essential Oils describes the properties and effects of the different oils. It goes on to offer specific DIY recipes for neck pain, leg cramps, and hand joints. For example, neck pain/soreness requires a specified combination of lavender oil, helichrysum, and rosemary oils along with the recommended carrier, trauma oil.

The second report covers back pain, exclusively. It describes the different categories of oils necessary – cooling, warming, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory. The 4.5% dilution recipe provided relies on the anti-inflammatory, copaiba oil. This DIY blend should be applied 3-4 times daily and is intended for temporary back pain issues.

Loving Essential Oils is an essential oil and aromatherapy website that is dedicated to the art of using essential oils in people’s daily lives. The company was created by a family with a passion for natural and holistic health.

Regarding one of the related books of recipes by Ms. Lane, a customer wrote: “I love that your recipes aren’t just a list of ingredients, but that you go into detail about the body – and why to use certain ingredients. Every single one of the recipes that I have made has been excellent. Thank you.”

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