Essendon VIC Small Business Restructuring Relief Expert Tax Accounting Expanded

TJD Accounting (+61-3-9379-4040) has expanded its services to provide consultancy on Small Business Restructuring relief for small and medium-sized businesses whose operations have been adversely affected by the current pandemic.

Essendon-based TJD Accounting Services has expanded its service portfolio to include Small Business Restructuring (SBR) relief services for small and medium-sized businesses in and around Melbourne.

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TJD Accounting Services has expanded into the area of SBR to provide advisory services and guidance on relief applications to small businesses experiencing difficulty as a result of lock downs during the current pandemic.

SBRs are part of the insolvency relief packages developed by the Australian Government to provide support for small businesses adversely affected by the current economic downturn. This package is designed to aid companies in organising their credit status and restructuring existing debt with the help of a licensed practitioner, which will enable them to maintain solvency and continue operations.

With this expansion, TJD Accounting will deploy its expert accounting services for the benefit of small and medium-sized clients that require comprehensive assessments of their financial position in view of current or impending restructuring. Based on the outcome of their assessments, eligible clients will be guided through the restructuring options available to them, which includes an SBR relief application with the Australian Taxation Office.

TJD Accounting is a tax and accounting service company with over 40 years of experience in the industry. The company specialises in personalised consultancy services in areas such as individual tax and financial planning, accounting and compliance for businesses, new business structuring, and more.

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A spokesperson said, “Our team wants to focus on assisting small to medium businesses experiencing financial difficulties due to a downturn in cash-flow during lockdowns in Victoria. As an accounting service, we will help these businesses restructure – allowing them to continue trading despite adverse economic conditions.”

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