Essence Of L Medi Spa’s Releases Ultimate Age Defying Duo

Essence Of L Medi Spa's ultimate age defying duo includes their BBL Forever Young Photo-rejuvenation and Skin Tyte Treatment.

Essence Of L Medi Spa’s ultimate age defying duo includes their BBL Forever Young Photo-rejuvenation and Skin Tyte Treatment.

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More on the BBL Forever Young Photo Rejuvenation

Many patients want more beautiful healthy looking skin. As people age, gravity, sun exposure, life circumstances, and stress all take a toll on their body which can leave a lack-lustre appearance. Some of these unsightly features can show up as uneven pigmentation (age spots/freckles), dull complexion, broken blood vessels, sagging skin, and fine lines/wrinkles. Photo rejuvenation also known as a photo facial or IPL can help alleviate all of these issues. Patients skin will look more radiant after just one treatment!

Essence Of L Medi Spa, located in White Rock, BC offers photo facial rejuvenation by utilizing Sciton’s BBL ( Broad Band Light) technology. Their clinic uses the best light-based technology available on the market since patients safety and comfort is their number one priority.

BBL Photo Facial

The photo rejuvenation treatment at Essence Of L Medi Spa uses the power of Sciton’s BBL (Broad Band Light) also known as IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light). The Sciton’s BBL advanced technology utilizes a unique filter system which allows for a quick treatment with varying wavelengths to create noticeable results after the patients first treatment. The flexibility of this light based system allows the Sciton certified laser technician to customize each and every treatment to fit the patients current skin care goals, time schedule, and skin type.

This laser has the ability to treat many different aesthetic skin concerns such as: -Brown spots -Sun Damage -Rosacea -Spider Veins -Bruising -Facial Flushing -Acne Lesions -Fine Lines & Wrinkles -Pore size reduction Although any part of the body can be treated, most often it is the larger regions that have been exposed to prolonged sun exposure such as the hands, chest, neck, and face- usually why this treatment is referred to as a photo facial.

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