eSports Compression Gaming Sleeve For Improved Focus/Reduced Stress Launched

Compression sleeves released with Cognitive Boost Technology™ are said to improve mental function, reduce stress, and increase focus for both physical and eSports.

Neuroscience and wellness company eSmartr has released their newest line of compression sleeves with trademarked Cognitive Boost Technology. As the official sleeve of eSports, their smart compression sleeves are known for increasing focus and reducing stress.

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While most compression sleeves are only designed to promote optimal blood flow, eSmartr’s Cognitive Boost Technology (CBT) is designed to naturally improve focus and mental performance. Released only in their newest line of compression sleeves, this technology is entirely natural and operates without any side effects.

CBT technology is formulated to help athletes improve mental acuity without the downfalls of medications or stimulants, such as caffeine crashes. Inside the sleeve is a proprietary pattern designed to stimulate particular nerves in the forearm. This stimulated pattern will be sent along nerve pathways to the brain, where it can improve cognitive function.

The sleeves have been credited with helping eSports athletes to block out distractions and stay “in the zone” for extended periods of time. They’ve also been found to improve information recall in-game. Some athletes have said they also help with their confidence and emotional control.

The smart compression sleeves are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and themes. There are designs intended only to be worn on the forearm, as well as some meant to cover most of the area from shoulder to wrist. Themes range from basic colors and patterns to superhero or game-based designs.

Their products have been featured by media ranging from national news, such as Global and Yahoo, to sports and tech publications Freeskier and Wearable Technologies. eSmartr’s sleeves have also been spotted being used by professionals in various industries from Steve Aoki, the world-renowned DJ, to Robbie Maddison, the professional stuntman.

One satisfied client said, “I wore my eSmartr sleeve while I played golf this weekend. I found I was completely focused and calm while playing. I would definitely buy another one because they have so many styles it’s hard to choose just one.”

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