ESFS Alerts California Homeowners to New Security Alarm Quote Service

ESFS has just announced a new online quote-sourcing service for home security alarm systems in California.

The home improvement website ESFS has recently announced a new offering for visitors from California; an online quote-sourcing service for home security alarm systems.

ESFS, a home improvement and renovation website, has launched a security alarm system service for visitors from California. The ESFS site is an opportunity for homeowners to cut out much of the legwork involved in finding suitable contractors and sourcing quotes. The companies and individuals that ESFS partners with are all pre-screened for reliability and matched up to users in their local area, which ensures homeowners are still supporting their community while benefiting from online price comparison.

“Home security systems range from very simple to very complex,” ESFS spokesperson Matt Aird outlined. “And likewise, some security firms specialize in a certain area, while others provide blanket services. Not all alarm and camera systems are made alike, so a system quote should include consideration of the hardware chosen as well as the service quality. A contractor may offer a choice between manufacturers, while others will provide only a trusted brand. Homeowners using the ESFS quote service should be as specific as possible about their security needs and expectations.”

Electrical security systems can be installed piece by piece, but are often sold as whole systems, comprising alarms, motion detectors, electronically locking doors, and cameras. The system recordings and feedback may be monitored by the homeowner alone, or be live monitored by the supplier for additional peace of mind. Even special smoke alarms can be installed and monitored off-site.

“A supplier of security alarm systems must be licensed in California,” Mr. Aird noted, “And additional qualifications, industry memberships and insurance often indicate a company that is confident of the quality of its work. Every homeowner knows their own situation best, so ESFS has included a broad spectrum of companies, allowing users to source quotes widely and choose the solution and package that best suits their circumstances and budget.”

The ESFS Security Alarm System quote service has rolled out to almost 300 locations across California, serving areas as diverse as Antioch, Los Angeles, and Ventura.

About ESFS stands for Easy Simple Fast Service and is an online service dedicated to providing customers with no obligation quotes for a variety of services including home repair and additions, interior design and decoration, cleaning, roofing and construction from pre-screened local contractors.

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