Escapee Uncovers Mistake Years Later That Averted Tragedy

A daring escape from communism becomes surreal when Peter Vodenka discovers his plan 30 years earlier had a fatal flaw. Newly released, his book, Journey for Freedom, reveals untold mysteries buried until recently and unravels the tragic end that should have been their story.

Peter stood alone, the 30-year old nightmare replaying in his mind. Many others had died or disappeared–why hadn’t he? Driven to know how he had escaped the iron clutches of communism, with his young family in tow, Peter Vodenka had returned, retracing his steps on that bone-chilling night of terror, searching for clues.

Just released, the 2nd edition of Peter’s book, Journey for Freedom, reveals more of the story, shocking details, unexpected connections and surprising conclusions that lay buried for thirty years. Retracing the steps they took that fateful night, visiting way stations along the way, and meeting people who filled in additional perspectives helped Peter began to piece together important clues to the story he thought he knew so well. The courageous trek from his native Czechoslovakia 30 years earlier that took Peter from fear to freedom, from immigrant to American citizen suddenly had new meaning.

Peter says, “Most everything in life really does happen for a reason! If I would have found the original border we were aiming for, I would not be here today to tell my version of the American dream!”

For years, burdened to share his new country’s greatness and fully understanding the cost of freedom, Peter has traversed the speaking circuit, inspiring audiences to cherish their freedom and challenging them to pursue their own American dream. Now, with newfound insight, he powerfully delivers the message that everyone’s life has purpose.

In an authentic presentation that draws participants into the unfolding events as if they were there, Peter captures the urgency of a message too important to keep to himself, infusing it in such a way that his audience leaves with a burning desire to cherish America and not take her freedoms for granted.

To connect with Peter, learn more about his inspiring story, hear him speak and see actual pictures from the escape, readers can visit Peter’s new website at

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