Escape Rooms Designed By TrappedMobile Are Changing the Definition of Adventure

The hottest fade for fun and adventure are Escape Rooms. Now the fun can come to your party with an escape room night at your home or venue.

Looking for more excitement, fun and adventure there is nothing better than arranging an escape room game. This is actually a very unique game that one can play along with friends and family. The game can be played at a house, school, hall, corporate office, as well as in a hotel. Where can one find a company that organize these games in a professional way. The answer is TrappedMobile. In short, they are talented professionals who work in designing the best escape room or trapped games for individuals who are looking for something new and exciting. Just call them and the TrappedMobile team will arrange for an escape room at the venue of choice, a home or even in a hotel.

There are a host of Escape Games that people can choose from, like Red Rum, Twilight Zone, Room 409, Casket of Amontillado, The Butcher room, Paranormal Activity and many more. Each and every game is unique and totally different from the others. So now Trapped Mobile is the new name of fun and real life entertainment when it comes to escape rooms. It’s like unlocking a real-life puzzle and getting out of a room. That is why it is called an escape room. This puzzle solving requires teamwork and lots of guesswork which needs to be completed before an hour ends and then the next team takes over and tries the game hoping to win. There are two potential scenarios, the team escapes the room within 60 minutes and wins, or the team fails and loses. There are many different rooms with different themes and puzzles, each with a fixed time limit of 60 minutes.

There are different levels of hardness and skill which a team can choose from. The harder the level the more exciting it is and more adventurous as well. This game can really make one think a lot. It has been proven with some research by eminent scientists that this game helps to increase the brain power of people. Check out all the details about the Escape Room Mobile on their website. Check it out today at

Give them a call and check if a date is available, because dates and times are booking fast. Trapped Mobile can totally change a living room into an escape zone! Search for a way out of the room by solving a lot of riddles, puzzles and questions. Thousands of people have tried this game and have enjoyed it immensely. These rooms are both for children and adults so there are totally different games designed for all age groups. The people in this organization have years of hands on experience designing such games and entertainment, so rest assured that there is going to be tons of fun.

This can also be a good surprise for loved ones and friends when invited and suddenly announce that evening’s entertainment is an escape game. One very important thing to note is that these games are designed by experts and all the escape puzzles and methods are well known to them, so even if a person or a group has trouble, hints are given to help the team. It’s just a game so there is a lot of fun and excitement waiting. Do check their official website to know more in detail, as there are videos on the site that will help clarify how this game is played. To know more click on

About Trapped Mobile

TrappedMobile is one of the next generation games that has changed the definition of real life gaming. This organization arranges escape games for both kids and adults. It’s like solving a mystery as Sherlock Holmes once did. It’s not easy, only about 20% of the teams escape the room within 60 minutes!


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