ESAIYO Is Creating The ‘Social Identity of Objects’ Standard

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ESAIYO is a software company establishing the standard for the Social Identity of Objects. ESAIYO was co-founded by Silicon Valley veterans Raymond St. Martin, Andy Van Valer, Ryan Quick, Arno Kolster, Merle Giles, and Kwasi Asare. For more information, visit

Proprietary protocol attaches digitally discoverable meaning and identity to physical and virtual objects

Denver, CO — ESAIYO, a new technology company, has established a standard and is continuously developing technology for creating, connecting and surfacing the “Social Identities of Objects’ ‘.

The “SIO Standard” digitally attaches defining and differentiating attributes to virtual or physical people, places, and things allowing the narrative surrounding distinct objects to be surfaced and continuously defined.

The ESAIYO Engine is a proprietary technology that is being developed as an infrastructure as a service solution. The customizable software combines object graph and blockchain technologies to assist countries, governments and industries in protecting, connecting and surfacing context through valuable data and other digital assets.

The ESAIYO team is using these projects to extend their reach into consumer markets in an effort to make “SIO’s” a ubiquitous asset for quantifying and codifying the context related to significant objects and their multitude of values in a true object network.

As ESAIYO’s CEO and co-founder Raymond St. Martin stated, “Memories, history, relationships and narrative add defining context to objects and contain value within themselves. We have structured this platform to capture, connect, preserve and surface the history and relationships of physical and virtual objects. This effort will bring transparency to data and create connected ecosystems for the context that defines and differentiates everything. Eventually we want to put this technology in the hands of individuals, empowering consumers to own the context and digital identities of objects they find significant.”

The platform’s emerging standard and protocol were initially envisioned and invented by co-founders St. Martin, Andrew Van Valer, Ryan Quick and Arno Kolster.

St. Martin has spent more than two decades driving sales and innovation as an entrepreneur, previously founding platforms including Hubtuit and SportsBarInfo. He has also served as an executive at Sports Spectrum and Vox Media and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the influencer-driven nonprofit Big League Impact, which was founded by Major League Baseball pitcher and philanthropist Adam Wainwright.

Andy Van Valer is a Silicon Valley-based consultant, investor and startup coach who has served in executive operations roles for decades at major software companies including Borland, Motorola, Lightsurf, Starfish and Verisign. Van Valer serves as ESAIYO’s Chief Operations Officer.

Prior to coming together as ESAIYO’s development team, Ryan Quick and Arno Kolster built scalable software for decades across startups and Fortune 100 companies. Quick serves as ESAIYO’s Chief Science Officer and specializes in blockchain development and supercomputer infrastructure; he formerly served as the chief architect for PayPal/eBay’s Advanced Technology Integration initiative.

Kolster, ESAIYO’s Chief Information Officer, is an expert in blockchain intellectual property development, database administration, data architecture, and data analytics, from traditional client-server to in-memory hyperscale database clusters.

The ESAIYO Team is also supported by advisors Audu Makori, a veteran of the entertainment industry, and retired Major League Baseball player and philanthropist Roberto Clemente, Jr. Said Clemente, “I am extremely excited to bear witness to the development and potential global impact of this ‘Game Changing Technology.’ I am truly honored to be a part of the team driving it!”

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