Erina NSW Gym Circuit Group Training Program Fitness First Alternative Launched

Erina NSW fitness gym, Bace Mind and Movement Hub, has developed a new range of circuit training and group training programs to promote holistic health and fitness in the community.

Bace Mind and Movement Hub, the preeminent community gym in Erina on the NSW Central Coast has established a new repertoire of circuit training programs to develop the strength and wellbeing of new and existing clients.

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The announcement coincides with the start of the holiday and summer season where Australians are looking to make healthier and happier resolutions for 2021. This New Year, Bace is more committed than ever to helping the Erina community create healthy habits that last.

The expert trainers at Bace have designed these new circuit and group training programs to create sustainable results in clients’ minds and bodies, with a focus on helping attendees understand how to train safely and correctly.

This new expansion of their circuit training programs is representative of Bace’s goal to create a continually improving and innovative gym with a diverse range of over 28, and counting, unique fitness classes from HIIT and Strength, to Boxing, Meditation & Yoga.

Bace Mind and Movement Hub also seeks to be the most motivating, inspiring and accepting gym in the Central Coast area. With a focus on team training, Bace was designed to be more than a gym and to make its current 80 members feel empowered and supported.

Given that more than half of the current members are female Bace is also committed to providing a safe and respectful place for all members of the Erina community who want to get fit and make new friends.

Positioning themselves in direct opposition to the impersonal mass scale of bigger fitness chains in the area, Bace is strictly a community and not a commercial gym. This means that they continue to adhere to a member limit so that they can invest personal time, care and attention in their clients.

The gym prides itself on its community spirit and positive testimonials. One such regular attendee said of Bace, “Bace has to be the MOST welcoming gym environment I’ve ever been to. It truly is an all-embracing community of amazing people – both young and young at heart! I could not be more excited and grateful to be a part of this ‘family’!”.

Prospective attendees can access more information by visiting the website above.

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