Ergonomic Work Home Office Seating For Back Ache Muscle Pain Relief Launched

The new BackStrong ergonomic chair has been launched by All33 to allow people working from optimal home seating to prevent and relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain.

All33 have announced their new BackStrong ergonomic chair for people looking for office seating that supports their back while providing relief from neck and shoulder strain.

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All33 launched their new chair to help during the current global pandemic as people are increasingly working from home, with their workspaces being used full-time and for prolonged periods.

People who are working full-time in a home office need to have a proper ergonomic workspace to prevent health issues such as aches and fatigue. A desk chair is a vital component of an office workspace and is critical for back support.

The BackStrong chair was designed by the renowned chair designer and a chiropractor, Doctor Dennis Colonello, with the founder of LA Product Design and Designworks for BMW James Grove. Together they created a health-boosting, comfortable, and luxurious chair.

All33’s new BackStrong ergonomic chair features unique Sit-In-Motion technology, which has been developed to give users the ability to sit with perfect posture while cradling their lower back to relieve pressure points.

To improve posture, the chair gently pushes the natural curvature of the lower spine to keep the user sitting straight at all times. The seat follows the user’s movements to maintain alignment of all 33 of their vertebrae. The improved posture allows for increased user flexibility with reduced neck and shoulder strain.

People who use the BackStrong chair are provided with a natural movement for their pelvis as the chair duplicates the natural pelvic movement of their hips and lower back. This system reduces the stresses placed on the body, which relieves back pain.

Users of the BackStrong chair also benefit from a reduction in other symptoms of postural flaws such as headaches, hip and leg tension, joint dysfunction, and improved breathing.

Physical features of the BackStrong chair include foldaway arms to gives uses the ability to sit closer to their desks at optimal screen distance to reduce eye strain. The chair is available in soft high-grade vegan leather or fabric to suit any user’s office style.

A spokesperson for All33 said their mission statement is: “To improve health and wellness and reduce suffering related to back, neck, and shoulder pain.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.

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