Ergonomic Support Back/Neck Pillow – Temperature Regulating Bed Chair Updated

Husband Pillow has updated their ergonomic, customizable bed/sofa cushion with removable, washable covers in 27 colors and a detachable neck roll.

With this updated portable bed chair, customers can enjoy total comfort while relaxing in bed, watching TV, or reading. For individuals who spend a lot of time in bed, this luxury ergonomic bed cushion can make the person comfortable for long stretches of time.

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The cover on this unique revamped bed cushion can be changed to another color depending on the user’s mood or the new paint on the walls. The neck roll, which offers extra support for the user’s neck, can also be detached and used under the knees or behind the lower back for more support.

The Husband Pillow is patented and features pressure-relieving memory foam or siliconized fiberfill to nurture a healthy spine and to cushion pressure points so that pain spots are eliminated and new ones are not formed.

The shredded memory foam filling is better than a solid foam piece because it minimizes the amount of heat retained by the pillow and offers more breathability than a solid molded piece.

This ergonomic pillow features an adjustable loft for customization. Upon request, the company can provide additional memory foam stuffing. The zipper on the bottom of the inner shell allows the user to add or remove foam to achieve the desired level of firmness for customized comfort.

This bed cushion has a back pocket to hold a book or magazine or whatever else the user wants close at hand. In addition, a side pocket can hold the tv remote, phone, glasses, or any other small item that needs to be kept close.

The Husband Pillow has a built-in handle at the top so that the user can take it to the dorm or when visiting a friend. When others see how comfortable it is, they’ll want one of their own.

Customers are given 100 nights to test the pillow in the comfort of their homes. If not satisfied, the customer can get a refund.

This company is committed to helping make the world better and donates a portion of each sale to The Ocean Cleanup, an organization founded by Boyan Slat, the inventor of a revolutionary seaborne plastic catching system.

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