Ergonomic Lumbar Support Office Chair – Adjustable Comfort Technology Launched

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Contemporary furniture company Sumner Furniture & Design announced the launch and distribution of premium X-Chair-branded ergonomic products in their store.

The new product has exclusive technological features such as 10 ergonomic adjustments, advanced lumbar support, and modern designs. The X-Chair offers its users maximum comfort and functionality.

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With the new announcement, the company provides customers with an innovative ergonomic office chair that delivers health benefits. It also affords users relaxation and helps increase their work productivity.

More often than not, due to the limited amount of quality products in the market, buyers are forced to choose health features over style. Wanting to bridge this gap, the makers of X-Chair made it their mission to provide cutting-edge adjustable office chairs that do not sacrifice aesthetics. The brand carries 8 models with several color options to tailor to every customer’s taste and fashion.

The X-Chair is distinctly stylish and budget-friendly. It is engineered using proprietary ergonomic comfort technology that has not been applied to office seating. Pioneering a 10-adjustment feature, the product allows users to manipulate the chair into providing a glove-like fit.

The product highlights a seat with an adjustable height and depth. It also has a height-adjustable backrest and angle-adaptable headrest. Similarly, the product features 4-dimensional armrests with changeable height, width, depth, and angle. It is designed with flexible tilt tension and locking mechanisms.

Furthermore, it has a built-in dynamic variable lumbar (DVL) technology that needs no adjusting. It molds itself to the user’s back immediately upon sitting to provide the most comfortable lumbar support.

Customers will experience the X-Chair’s many health benefits. Its SciFloat Infinite Recline technology allows users to be in constant motion throughout the day. This helps increase blood circulation and aids in maintaining focus. All models are manufactured with Flex Mesh fabrics that support the user by suspending them. This eliminates compression on sensitive pressure points that may cause discomfort.

The brand offers other models—X1 is made with Flex Mesh; X2 comes with ultra-comfortable K-Sport Fabric; X3 features advanced tensile recovery fabric, and X4 is designed with premium leather. Additionally, they also offer X-Wing, X-Basic, X-Vision, and the X-YoYo Stool.

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