Ergonomic Gel Seat Pad – Orthopedic Pressure/Pain Relief Chair Cushion Launched

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Online retailer Keep It Simple Products has launched a new item in their range, available via Amazon: the Gel Seat Cushion for Long Sitting.

The latest item has been developed for use during long periods of sedentary activity, such as sitting at a desk, chair, or even driving long distances.

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Keep It Simple Products’ newly launched product has been created using an innovative honeycomb design, for relief from back pain and sciatica whilst sitting, and the prevention of pressure sores.

Developed to help users improve their overall spine health through the promotion of better posture, the breathable gel seat cushion from the company uses medical-grade gel to offer even, continuous support to the back, hips, and pelvis over prolonged periods of time. Ergonomically designed, the cushion can help to reduce fatigue when sedentary for extended amounts of time, aiding in tension and pain relief and working to prevent soreness during injury recovery.

Made using a high-quality gel material, the washable cushion from Keep It Simple Products is 12” x 14” in size, to fit most average-sized chairs and seats, and has a depth of 1.5”. The flexible pad is resistant to losing its shape, thanks to its strong outer walls, and uses a honeycomb design that allows air circulation, and therefore better blood circulation when in use.

With a handy portable design, the gel pad cushion can be used at home or when out and about, and is ideal for office workers, sedentary workers, those who drive for extended periods, for use on long-haul flights, and even for students in the classroom. Supporting and cradling the pelvis throughout use, the comfortable pad can help to reduce back pain and pain from sciatica.

Following the latest announcement, the company continues to invest in providing top-quality products for comfort and support, for purchase via Amazon US.

“This cushion is so comfortable,” said one satisfied customer. “If you’re having problems, bedsores, or many other illnesses and have to sit a lot, it’s great. I’m going to use it in my car too. Great price for what you get. Thank you.”

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