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All33 announced that a new ergonomic chair is now available for people struggling with back pain and other joint, muscle, and ligament pain. The new All33 Backstrong Chair reduces these problems by providing back support and promoting a better posture.

All33 announced the launch of All33 Backstrong Chair, a new ergonomic chair designed to force good posture and improve spinal health. This is the only chair in the world that allows natural movement of the pelvis and back stimulating circulation, thus encouraging an increase of oxygenation and improving flexibility.

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Sitting all day, especially uncomfortably, can lead to everything from heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, anxiety, back pain, and even cancer. The newly launched All33 Backstrong Chair was created specifically with the aim of improving people’s health and comfort at work.

Back pain, especially in the lower back, is a common affliction among many people, and this is particularly true for those who work in offices and other areas that require a lot of sitting throughout the day.

Designed by renowned chair designer and a well-credentialed chiropractor Dr. Dennis Colonello, the All33 Backstrong Chair helps reduce neck and shoulder strain while sitting. The chair upholds the ideal posture and movement to increase flexibility, while engaging the core and increasing circulation.

In addition, the patented Sit In Motion Technology moves and aligns all 33 vertebrae of the spine by gently pushing a natural curvature into the lower spine and keeping one sitting up straight all day.

The new All33 Backstrong Chair comes with and adjustable seat-height lever, as well as a 360-degree swivel with smooth-rolling coasters.

The chair consists of only 6 simple pieces and can assembled in less than 10 minutes. All of the components of the products are built with sustainability in mind and are 100% recyclable.

A satisfied client said: “This chair is amazing. I’ve had back problems on and off for years. My last chair was $1500 and it didn’t help at all. Had some initial issues (pain) out of the chair as my body adjusted but now nothing. Will be buying another for my daughter who is a game designer and sits more than I do. It’s brilliant.”

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