Equipco ‘s Petrol Caddy Tanks for Use with E85 for race cars

Equipco has defied all competitors with the all new approve E85 Petrol Caddy Tank for use at the race track . Further information can be found at www.equipco.com.au and http://www.equipco.com.au/products/fuel-tanks/poly-diesel-tank-range/poly-tanks-for-fuel-transport.html

Earlier today, Equipco finally announced the release of the all new Petrol Caddy Tanks – it’s new Petrol Transportable container , which has been in development for 2 years . The main aim is to Offer the only Australian approved 55 litre and 110 litre Petrol tank for use with E85 and other petrol blends .. but it does so, with a difference.

Luke Sorensen, Business Development Manager at Equipco , says: The industry wants the new design Equipco Petrol Caddy Tank as there is nothing else like it . Anyone familiar with the Transport of Petrol and Race fuels wants a safe product and will probably have noticed how everyone else seems to offer inferior non approved product that presents a huge hazard to the end user. This is a problem because it presents a huge potential for a fire and voiding any insurance claims due to use of illegal equipment.

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, the Equipco Petrol Caddy Tank now with IBC and approved package container is recognised and approved by Dangerous Goods Australian Authorities . Equipco chose to make this move because It is part of Equipco policy that offers compliant safe regulated equipment. .Furthermore latest news is centred in the approval for use with E85 fuels for race tracks.

Luke Sorensen also said “Users want ease of use with hand pumping equipment and easy to wheel around design.. With Equipco Petrol Caddy Tanks, they have a fresh new possibility.Also wanting them to feel safe and experiencing a pleasure to use in business or for recreation. when using the Equipco Petrol Caddy Tanks.

Equipco has been in business supplying the Industry for 22 years. , being established in January 1993. Since Day one it has always aimed to Supply safe compliant easy to use equipment and packages..

Petrol Caddy Tanks is set to launch the E85 Caddy Tanks as available in early November . To find out more, it’s possible to visit


For further information about Equipco , all this can be discovered at www.equipco.com.au

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