Equestrian Farms in Monticello, N Florida – Real Estate Options for Horse Lovers

North Florida offers ideal home and investment opportunities for horse lovers, including equestrian properties and horse businesses as well as those who just want to live side-by-side with their horses. A model in Jefferson County, FL is here: 2536 Old Lloyd Road, spotlighted in http://northfloridafarmsforsale.com/.

Living on a horse farm can be a “dream come true” for horse lovers, animal lovers and nature lovers alike. North Florida offers many possibilities for realizing such dreams.

Horse lovers come in all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. Often the love of horses starts at an early age where one of the most common dreams of children is to have their own horse. Some have that opportunity while others find ways to spend time with horses in adulthood. Some want to ride while others just want to be around horses, to brush them, hug them and commune with them. Still others turn their passion for horses into active hobbies and even businesses.

North Florida boasts an impressive statistic when it comes to horse enthusiasts. Marion County, FL has more horses and ponies than any other county in the nation, according to the United States Department of Agriculture census. Meanwhile, Leon County, FL, is host to the popular Red Hills International Horse Trials with a CIC3 Cross Country course.

Just next door to Leon (home of Tallahassee, FL), Jefferson County, FL, is home to idyllic equestrian real estate. One prime example for horse lovers of all kinds is WDF Farms, located at 2536 Old Lloyd Road, Monticello, FL.

This once full-scale horse farm is an example of how horse lovers can “join forces with their horses”. The farm was for years operated as a facility for training both horses and riders in Dressage as well as for horse boarding. Its first owner was a prominent competitor in English riding events. The home and overall property were designed accordingly.

The second (and current) owners of this property kept the equine facilities in place while expanding the living space and adding home-based business offices and conference room. They also expanded the organic orchard, for personal use and income, and added renewable energy and energy efficiency features to the property among other improvements.

The love of animals and the outdoors was a major motivator in their moving from a larger city to a small town and farm. Both had grown up around horses and they loved the idea of living up close with horses and other farm animals.

They started out with three cats. Then came the horses, two dogs, two sheep, seven goats and eight more dogs. The farm next door had a large herd of cows who liked the shade trees at the property line and that, plus the arrival of a feral cat and varied wildlife sightings (deer, fox, owls, an eagle, and others), filled out the animal family.

Over the years most of the animals lived out their life spans and only two remain. The business has also grown in new directions and the time arrived for the property to be “reluctantly” placed on the market, creating but one example of a prime opportunity for still other horse lovers.

One of the multiple stand-out features of this property is its versatility. For instance, the framework is in place for easy expansion to additional horse stalls if desired (from 2 – 8 more) or use of existing stalls for other purposes – other animals (goats, dogs, etc.), food growing (hydroponic, other) or nursery (tropical plants, other), added storage space or conversion of part to interior space.

More details are here for this unique equestrian estate of 5 or up to 25 acres — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06erLz0Hmj8.

A timely resource for further information on horse farm living in North Florida is — http://northfloridafarmsforsale.com.

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