Epique Beauty Launched A Detangling Brush for Professional Styling Of The Users

It is expected that the Epique Beauty detangling brush will become a favorite amongkids in easing the pain from their scalps every morning. Its great packaging makes it a more valuable hair brush for dry or wet hair.

Epique Beauty is an established company website that officially launches a detangling brush brand for the guaranteed satisfaction of the users.

The aim of the company in the launch of the product is to meet the professional styling and brushing needs of the users for their convenience and ease.

The best detangling brush is effective as it does not cause more pains for both the parents and the kids. This is part of professional styling and is known for its great quality materials. Even pulling a comb or ordinary brush through the hair is made easy.

Apart from it, this serves as an effective tool in gliding through the hair from one side to another and in separating the knots. Gone are those days of seeing those tears of the child. This is because this product makes combing out the little’s one hair not traumatic.

Epique Beauty detangling brush effectively removes the most stubborn tangles without the child’s feeling of discomfort. The thickest and coarsest hair is detangled easily, leaving parents not fighting with their kids for keeping it still for long.

The breakage that is commonly caused by using an ordinary brush is best avoided. This is also known to hinder the growth of hair follicles. The detangling brush is even gentler and is more helpful in promoting a healthy and growing hair.

This is the most professional and quality hair care tool for daily use that handles the toughest to detangle tresses. Even the plastic bristles are able to resist bending and breakage while the other brushes lose more of their shape and break.

In addition, this helps support shiny locks and a healthy scalp for that growing and more vibrant hair of kids and parents. This also massages the scalp while it effectively removes the knots. The blood flow is now expected to increase on the skin and nourishes the skin cells and hair follicles.

The outer covering of each strand is also smoothened because of the product’s unique bristles. Shiny hair is achieved in a short period of time with no more frizz.

“This is an awesome hair brush! I always have a hard time trying to get my daughter to brush her hair because of the tangles she gets. This brush has quickly become her favorite go to detangling brush. If you have a fussy kid that hates to brush their hair it’s “definitely give this a try, you won’t regret it!- Katherine Chipa

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