Epilators Offer Safer Alternative than Shaving for Removing Peach Fuzz

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Langerringen, Germany – Jan. 24, 2018 – The individual that coined the phrase “smooth as a peach” didn’t have women’s facial hair in mind. Peach fuzz is the last thing women want to see on their face. For the best home hair removal experience, Florian Holzhauser, owner of My Favorite Online Store, wants women to know the benefits of an epilator over shaving for removing facial hair.

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The removal of peach fuzz has become an essential part of any beauty regimen and makes applying makeup easier. Women have used numerous methods of depilitation, from waxes and razors to tweezing and creams. A majority of women use a razor to remove facial hair at home, and while a blade removes the fine hairs, it can also result in cuts, skin irritation, and an increase in acne and ingrown hairs.

Holzhauser noted that all epilators are not created equal. Many expensive models may not provide the needed features, while less expensive devices can provide superior performance. He said to ensure consumers obtain a high-quality epilator it should adhere to three basic requirements.

Choose an epilator that’s dermatologist approved

Select one with a hypo-allergenic, gold plated head

Make sure it has a built-in light

Epilators are small, discreet and highly portable. They can be slipped into a bag, briefcase or glovebox while traveling for touch-ups as needed. They’re safe for all skin types, tones and complexions and there’s no risk of accidental cuts.

Epilators remove peach fuzz quickly, painlessly and there’s no downtime. Epilators are safe for everyday use, easy to clean, and eliminates redness and irritation. An epilator can be used anywhere on the face including around the lips and between the eyebrows.

Epilators can also be used on the neck and is especially beneficial for removing the coarse and particularly annoying chin hairs that pop up unexpectedly. They remove peach fuzz very close to the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and flawless.

There are numerous products on the market to remove peach fuzz and Holzhauser recommends using an epilator on the face to eliminate cuts while minimizing ingrown hairs, acne and skin irritation. An epilator is a must-have for busy women on the go that want to keep their face photo ready for any occasion.

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