EnviroSolutions, Inc. Committed to Improving Markets for New Materials

EnviroSolutions, Inc. takes a unique approach to recycling, with a keen eye on reusing as many materials as possible.

Recyclingis a necessary component in reducing the amount of waste in landfills, and most people are already aware of this. However, EnviroSolutions, Inc. is taking an innovative approach to recycling; it’s not just about processing used materials, but about reusing them creatively.

“There are many different ways to reduce waste in landfills,” says a representative from EnviroSolutions, Inc. “We prefer to take a cutting-edge approach to reusing, and are always looking for a more efficient, useful way to repurpose materials.”

For instance, EnviroSolutions, Inc. is currently working with creative ways to repurpose carpets, gypsum board, and acoustical tile. EnviroSolutions, Inc.’s approach allows otherwise wasted items to see a useful second life.

“Over the past few years, a number of different organizations have been working to divert carpet from landfills in particular,” the representative went on to say. “It’s been estimated that millions of pounds of carpet have been diverted. This is a great way to save the planet.”

The amount of recycled carpeting has only gotten greater over the years. In 2002, roughly 3% of all discarded carpeting was recycled, and now it’s up to 10% with advancement projected. Drywall is also a popular candidate for recycling, and has many uses including compost, mushroom growing, and more. If the drywall is in good shape, it can also be used to build nurseries, city buildings, low-income housing, and more.

“It’s great to be involved with all of these recycling endeavors,” the representative from EnviroSolutions, Inc. went on to say. “We also recycle acoustical tile, which is then manufactured into new ceiling tiles by Armstrong World Industries. The entire waste community is coming together in order to promote innovative solutions to creating space in our landfills.”

It’s important for all readers to consider their own waste output and what can be done to lessen it. With landfills getting bigger by the day, it’s paramount to protect the planet and start recycling. As EnviroSolutions, Inc. points out, with so many different ways to recycle there’s no excuse not to do it.

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