Environmentally Conscience Retailer Urges Consumers to Add One More Resolution

An environmentally conscience retailers urges consumers to add one important New Year's resolution to their list.

Most people have already made their New Year’s resolutions for the New Year, but one retailer is urging people to add one more. “It’s fine to promise yourself that you’ll get in shape this year, or that you’ll do all you can to further your career, but I’m asking people to think about adding one more resolution to their list—even if it’s a belated one,” says a spokesman from MJH Innovations, an online retailer that specializes in eco-friendly products. “Everyone knows the environment is at risk because of all the pollution and waste that occurs these days, and so in order to combat that, I’m asking people to make it a New Year’s resolution to live a greener life.”

He says that people don’t have to completely change their lives to successfully fulfill this resolution, but only make a few simple changes that will make a drastic difference in the environment. “If you can only make one change, perhaps the most important one is to carry reusable shopping bags instead of relying on the plastic or paper bags provided by stores. Those bags add to the massive amount of pollution accumulating in our world, but that problem is easily remedied with this step.”

And he’s right. According to experts, plastic pollution is quickly overtaking the world as most American families go through an astonishing amount of plastic bags every year. And paper isn’t much better, contrary to popular belief. It takes 14 million trees a year to product the paper bags that are thrown away within minutes after use. And according to the spokesman, all of that waste can be eliminated if people would add this one resolution to their list.

“It’s our world,” he says. “And if people were as serious about protecting it as they are about reducing their waistlines, it would be a much better one.”

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