Environmental Heat Solutions Offers Bed Bug Fixes for Spring

Summary Traditionally, homeowners do not associate spring with bed bugs. Environmental Heat Solutions wants to raise awareness of seasonal changes that impact the risk of bed bug infestation and preventative measures.

Bed bugs can and do infiltrate homes in the springtime, though many in the public believe that this is not the case. Environmental Heat Solutions intends to clear up these and other misconceptions regarding bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs can live in sub-freezing temperatures, but they often go dormant; however, they will die if they remain in this state for too long, so winter movements are limited. When it warms up in the spring, they go out to find new sources of food.

Because they are more active in temperate weather, it can be easier to uncover a bed bug infestation in a home during the spring; however, it is impossible for a human to detect every place bed bugs nest. To effectively ensure the elimination of an infestation, it is necessary to use specially trained canine inspectors.

Environmental Heat Solutions uses dogs trained solely to find bed bugs. The dogs uncover bugs wherever they may be hidden and eliminate false positive results from dogs cross-trained to find multiple pests. The same process finds the infestation at the beginning then tracks the termination progress and confirms results at the end.

Environmental Heat Solutions implements ecologically sound heating methods to destroy bed bug infestations and prevent them from spreading. Fumigation, pesticides, and other termination methods release harmful chemicals into the air; furthermore, they often spread bed bugs deeper into homes making total elimination much more difficult.


Environmental Heat Solutions is a bed bug extermination company serving the northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland region. They pride themselves on expertise, professionalism, and environmentally friendly methods. Their inspections utilize canine teams proven to be effective in uncovering bed bug infestations.

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