Environmental Heat Solutions Offers Alternative Bed Bug Treatment

Summary: Environmental Heat Solutions offers environmentally safe treatments for structures infested with bed bugs. These are safer and can be more effective than traditional treatments involving fumigants.

Environmental Heat Solutions is a bed bug extermination company offering an alternative, environmentally friendly treatment for bed bugs. These alternative methods are affordable, can be more effective than chemicals, and are safe for the consumer.

Environmental Heat Solutions uses teams of specially trained dogs who can detect bed bugs by using their advanced sense of smell. This novel approach, used in New York City, is effective for identifying and monitoring infestations.

After the dogs identify an infestation, Environmental Heat Solutions treats buildings for bed bugs by raising the internal temperature above 115 degrees Fahrenheit and maintaining it long enough to eliminate the infestation. Bed bugs cannot survive environments hotter than 115 degrees Fahrenheit, so this method carries none of the risks associated with chemical fumigation.

Other companies utilize fumigation methods designed to treat many insect infestations. They release aerosolized pesticides into a home covered by a thick tarpaulin tent to keep chemicals from spreading; however, the residue sinks into the structure, which can be harmful to humans and pets residing within it.

Many pesticides are carcinogenic, irritate the skin or eyes, and impact hormones and the endocrine system, which regulates immune function. Check the EPA site for more information about pesticide toxicity.

Furthermore, because bed bugs are nearly microscopic in size, subtle changes in air flow and composition can push them around. When exterminators release fumigants into a house, or spray chemicals from pumps, the forced air may send bed bugs further into the structure, worsening the infestation.


Environmental Heat Solutions is a bed bug extermination company serving the northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland region. They pride themselves on expertise, professionalism, and environmentally friendly methods. Their inspections utilize canine teams proven to be effective in uncovering bed bug infestations.

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