Entrepreneur Type Assessment – Business Model/Product Suitability Tool Launched

Ryan Levesque, national best-selling author, Inc. 500 CEO of The ASK Method, is launching a complementary business building quiz that aspiring entrepreneurs can take to understand which markets and business ideas are worth pursuing.

Studies show that 90% of today’s billionaires are self-made. Entrepreneurship and ambitious enterprises are not only a key part of a healthy economy, but they offer business creators financial independence, a deeper sense of work satisfaction, control over lifestyles and schedules, and even tax benefits. With the launch of the Ask Method Company’s “Start Your Own Business” quiz, aspiring business owners can begin evaluating their ideas based on profitability, scalability, and lifestyle fit to ensure success down the line. The quiz can be accessed via the Ask Method Company’s mini site.

More information is available at https://startbusiness.takequiz.net

With the launch of every new business comes the threat of failure. To help aspiring entrepreneurs assess their business ideas and prevent them from entering saturated markets that offer slim if any profit margins, in-market prospects, or the opportunity to entrench repeat customers, successful industry author and entrepreneur Ryan Levesque has created a complementary quiz that assesses participants’ entrepreneur type to help them understand which business they should start.

According to Levesque, many people dream of starting their own business, but few know where to begin or what kind of business to pursue. This is what led Levesque to create a quiz that helps hone goals and interests to reveal the participant’s entrepreneur type, what type of product they should sell and, based on resources and lifestyle, what type of business model they should adopt.

A recent quiz-taker says, “Loved the results of my quiz. I am an OBMF entrepreneur type, which confirmed my love for growing new ideas and that I thrive best in communities. Knowing this result is so insightful because now I can shift my focus to my Zone of Genius, which is carefully curating that passion business of helping and serving others in a way no one else has done before.”

The launch of the Ask Method Company’s complimentary “Start Your Own Business” quiz helps prevent today’s aspiring entrepreneurs from wasting time and money on ideas with little potential for profit. The quiz identifies participants’ strengths and passions to help them launch a meaningful business that will put them on track for success.

Visit https://startbusiness.takequiz.net to find out more.

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