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ZORC GLOBAL, a business and marketing agency, released their complimentary "Skyrocket Your Authority" report on how to own a TV channel and build authority with zero ad spend, even in the most crowded market.

ZORC GLOBAL, a business and media consultancy and agency, has released their “Skyrocket Your Authority” report. The complimentary report shows business owners how to own and monetize a TV channel or a TV show with zero ad spend, even in the most crowded market.

For more information visit: https://www.zorcglobal.com/tvreport

Recently released, the “Skyrocket Your Authority” report defines how entrepreneurs can found a TV channel and find their crowd who are hungry for their services and products. Entrepreneurs will also learn how to use the power of TV networks such as ROKU TV, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV to develop and expand their brand reach.

The report also answers questions about this opportunity and explains the advantages of being first in the same way it was a huge advantage to be first to monopolize YouTube when it launched. Similar new opportunities on other networks exist, and the report defines how to grasp these before another business.

Defining how to leverage streaming TV networks to accelerate authority positioning and create rapid business growth, the report is designed specifically for thought leaders, speakers, influencers, e-commerce brand owners, as well as other entrepreneurs and companies.

The report helps businesses reach 32+ million audiences without paid ads by showing business owners how to own and monetize a TV channel or TV show (on ROKU TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and others) with zero ad spend, even in a market with strong online competition. Also, they can build brand loyalty by providing entertaining and educational programming with built-in transformational marketing that enables them to pivot in times of change making their business sustainable quickly.

When asked about the report, Dr Martina Zorc, CEO at ZORC GLOBAL, said, “The report shows you how you can be among the first businesses to own a TV channel, which is essential in an ever-changing world market. Best of all, you don’t need a big team, expensive equipment, or a ton of pre-recorded video material to get started. And if you have no desire to deal with tech, that’s OK; not only we can help you with strategy, which is our specialty, but we can also offer you a ‘done-for-you’ set-up of your TV channel(s).”

ZORC GLOBAL was founded in 2009 and is a cutting-edge business and media consultancy and agency. It is best known for helping established and rising star entrepreneurs and organizations design and implement “profitably disruptive” growth strategies that give them exposure and take them to the next level of leadership, income and authority in the marketplace, locally and globally.

To find out more about the “Skyrocket Your Authority” report, ZORC GLOBAL and Dr Martina Zorc, click on the link above. Site visitors can download the report and learn more about the agency and the services they offer.

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