Entrepreneur Growth Community Expert Marketing Strategies Group Announced

Digital marketing expert Josh Jurkovich partnered with Revvenue, a community offering expert strategic growth resources for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Marketing expert Josh Jurkovich announced his new partnership with Revvenue Mastermind Community, an active online group built to connect entrepreneurs with some of the world’s leading business, media and marketing experts.

More details can be found at https://link.govektor.com/revvenue.

Led by top marketing strategist and multi-million business expert Mike Dillard, Revvenue offers exclusive resources for growth-oriented entrepreneurs across industries.

The latest announcement aims to provide new entrepreneurs, business owners and digital marketers with access to an exclusive community of industry leaders.

With the current financial crisis creating new economic challenges, implementing effective growth strategies has become more important than ever.

Revvenue provides members with a wide range of exclusive insights, strategies, case studies and other resources from some of the world’s most successful business owners.

Members will benefit from a variety of training sessions and motivational videos on topics ranging from social media marketing and sales optimization strategies to cutting-edge marketing developments, creative business ideas, and many others.

One of the mastermind sessions features Phillip Stutts, the owner of one of the most successful media companies in the world.

“In this absolutely priceless session, he was able to give us access to proprietary data that empowered each of us with the information we need to adjust our marketing campaigns successfully during this period in history,” said Revvenue founder Mike Dillard. “One of the most powerful questions he asked the group was to consider, ‘how do you and your business want to be remembered a year from now?’, and to use the answer to that question as our guide-stone in everything we say and do.”

Other sessions feature top tips on maximizing conversion rates, adapting one’s business strategies to the current crisis, using creative YouTube advertising strategies, and many more.

Revvenue members will also get expert insights from top entrepreneurs, consultants and strategists including Alex Charfen, George Bryant, Ron Lynch and many others.

The community also provides members with networking and communication opportunities with thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs, enabling members to implement effective strategies for sustainable online growth.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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