Entrepreneur Business Growth Strategies Actionable Development Program Launched

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The Entrepreneur’s Mind Health, Wealth and Home Business Challenge has been launched. It offers proven ways for entrepreneurs to develop their mindset and achieve their goals.

A new personal development and self improvement program has been launched, called the Entrepreneur’s Mind Health, Wealth and Home Business Challenge. It’s designed to help entrepreneurs unlock their true potential and achieve both their work and life goals with expert-led coaching.

More information can be found at: https://AEMChallenge.com

The newly launched five-day program is running from Black Friday 2020 until 2021, and offers entrepreneurs practical and actionable solutions to their growth goals. By signing up for the program, interested parties can learn how to take their health, wealth and home business to new heights through developing their thinking and practical approaches.

With the pandemic still impacting families around the country and the world, more people are turning to online ventures to drive success and build revenue. However, without the right strategy or guidance, it can be hard to succeed.

The An Entrepreneur’s Mind challenge is held across five days and provides results-backed solutions to help entrepreneurs elevate their business and workflows.

On the first day, members will focus on who they have to become in order to be the best version of themselves. The challenge will begin with entrepreneurs identifying who their AEM “dream self” is and then learning the best way to achieve this lifestyle.

Day two will focus on how to use frameworks in the most effective way to identify strategies, systems, and tools for wealth generation. Meanwhile, on day three of the challenge, the program shifts to center on building focus and clarity for enhanced productivity.

Members will discover how to adjust and get the most out of working from home on the fourth day, while the final day of the challenge covers entrepreneurial DNA and encouraging members to aspire for success.

The program is created by Poet Woods III, Germaine Scruggs, John Malott, and Terry Lacore. They have joined together to create a unique platform celebrating individual health and wealth growth.

Entrepreneurs will find ways to discover a wellspring of abundant possibilities even in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

Full details can be found on the URL above.

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