ENT Surgeon & Rhinoplasty Specialist Releases Guide on Snoring/Sleep Apnoea

ENT surgeon from Guildford ENT releases informative guide on Snoring/Sleep Apnoea on his website at https://www.guildfordent.co.uk/

San Sunkaraneni an ENT surgeon based in Guildford Surrey UK has published some useful information to guide people on the subject of Snoring/Sleep Apnoea.

The ENT specialist states how popular this condition is and how a shocking 40% of the UK population suffer with snoring and sleep apnoea. The information on the website discusses the different types and levels of severity when it comes to this condition, along with effective remedies to help alleviate symptoms.

The information is particularly useful for those who suffer with this condition and also for those who are living with someone who suffers with Snoring/Sleep Apnoea. The guide can be read in full on the Guildford ENT website at: https://www.guildfordent.co.uk/earnose-and-throat/snoringsleep-apnoea/

The information on the site discusses the following:

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) – the causes, symptoms and natural remedies.

Information on conservative measures that are available to treat OSA

Details on how OSA occurs and why.

Information on the dangers of OSA such as, poor sleep, daytime sleepiness, and the potential for accidents at work.

Specific information on continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) devices and how they are often the mainstay of treatment for patients

When asked about the content and why it was published on the website, sinus surgeon San Sunkaraneni said, “This is a common problem with figures showing an estimated 40% of the UK population suffering with OSA. By publishing this on my website it creates awareness and provides knowledge for those seeking help and assistance on the topic. In many cases, the most important contributor to snoring/OSA is being overweight. Patients who are able to reduce their weight are very likely to also reduce their snoring. Smoking should also be reduced/stopped. Avoiding alcohol immediately before going to sleep will also help.”

More information on Guildford ENT can be found on their website at: https://www.guildfordent.co.uk/

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