Ennologic True RMS Digital Multimeter with Capacitance Aids in Homeowner Repairs

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Cascadia Innovations' ennoLogic True RMS digital multimeter with capacitance mode helps homeowners make HVAC, spa, and other induction motor appliance repairs. Non-standard labeling using both uF and mF to denote microfarads has cinfused some homeowners between micro and milli-farads.

True RMS digital multimeters are complex instruments used almost exclusively by electricians and professional engineers. Most homeowners and DIY users typically find the multiple features and settings on these instruments somewhat intimidating.

However, one company has introduced a True RMS digital multimeter with capacitance mode which has earned high marks with homeowners for its ability to troubleshoot and solve specific problems around the home.

Cascadia Innovation’s ennoLogic eM860T multimeter is not only a professional True RMS meter, it also features a capacitance mode. This function is proving useful to many homeowners in troubleshooting and repairing air compressors, heat pumps, air conditioners, spa and Jacuzzi pumps, and powered gates.

These systems operate using motor capacitors such as start and run capacitors that can be difficult to troubleshoot without the right tool. Start and run capacitors help generate the rotating magnetic field to run AC induction motors.

Proper troubleshooting of these components requires a capacitance meter that is able to accurately measure across a range from a few to several hundreds of microfarads. The typical multimeter in the consumer marketplace does not measure capacitance and is therefore not useful for this type of troubleshooting.

“Our customers started using the eM860T multimeter for troubleshooting systems in their homes that contain motor capacitors. We received many questions on whether or not our multimeter could be used for that purpose, and whether its capacitance measurement range is high enough.” says Chris Johnston, a spokesperson for ennoLogic. “We also noticed there was often confusion about the markings on these capacitors, which led our customers to contact us.”

The markings used on motor capacitors that specify their capacitance value can often be confusing because they do not always follow standard labeling conventions. For instance, both uF and mF are used to denote microfarads on run capacitors. This issue has been explained well by West Florida Components who state:

“Technically ‘mfd’ represents ‘milliFarad’ while ‘uF’ stands for ‘microFarad’ which is an order of magnitude smaller. … Some older capacitor manufacturers used ‘mF’ in place of uF on their capacitors. Whether it was because their machines could not imprint the correct symbol ‘µ’ or for another reason not known to us, this was the common practice.”

Reviews of the ennoLogic eM860T TRMS multimeter demonstrate the usefulness of the capacitance mode to homeowners troubleshooting HVAC systems:

“Cascadia Innovation’s TRMS Digital Multimeter eM860T is an outstanding product. From the beautiful bright display [and] large numbers. Every function works. The Non-Contact Voltage Detector is flawless. I purchased because my air compressor stopped working and figured the capacitors were bad… Took about 2-3 seconds to lock on to a reading.”

“A nice DVM [digital volt meter]. I especially like the capacitance mode.”

Verified purchase customer reviews reflect the company’s attention to detail as well as a company-wide emphasis on exceptional customer service including a policy of prompt, courteous response to customers:

“The multimeter works great and the ennologic team is helpful!”

“I very highly recommend this meter and Cascadia Innovations for helping me with questions I had and always responded to them. One of the best on Amazon”

“You are an incredible organization in making sure that your customers are satisfied with the product you represent . Quality meter and very happy all around.”

“I’m happy with the functions, build quality, and the communication with the company after the sale. Highly recommend.”

“Great multimeter with various functionality and even better service. They really do a good job to ensure you’re getting the most of your product after purchase. Highly recommended.”

The company presently offers two ennoLogic digital multimeters. The eM860T True RMS meter with capacitance mode and the eM530S which features a battery tester are both sold through the brand website and at Amazon.com.

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