EnnoLogic TRMS Mulitmeter Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With Special Promotion

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EnnoLogic is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its eM860T true RMS multimeter with a special 25% off promotion on its regular retail sales price throughout the month of October. The offer is available on Amazon.com and at the ennoLogic site.

To celebrate the eM860T True RMS multimeter’s successful first year in the market, ennoLogic is offering the multimeter at a special month-long promotion duing October of 25% (twenty five percent) off its regular retail sales price.

The eM860T from ennoLogic is a full function professional true RMS multimeter which offers TRMS, or True Root Means Square values for all AC measurements and provides accurate measurement of current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature and duty cycle.

Designed for use by professional electricians, technicians and engineers, the eM860T can be used in such industries as electrical metering and monitoring, industrial, chemical and energy production facilities, and in all types of electrical and electronics maintenance and repair fields.

This meter is designed to provide fast response time on a large back-lit and easy to read LCD display. The meter also includes the following specialty features: audible continuity check and diode test functions.

It also provides non-contact voltage detection for use on powercords, circuit breakers, eletrical fixtures, outlets and switches which feature bar displays and beeper.

Compliant with IEC 61010-1:2001 CAT III 1000V and CAT VI 600V overvoltages standards, the meter is housed in a durable, heavy duty casing including a protective rubber sleeve for additional mechanical protection.

The eM860T multimeter includes a carrying case, extensive user manual, 9V battery and type K thermocuouple probe for temperature readings.

During the month of October, the eM860T can be purchased for a full 25% off of its regular retail sales price at Amazon.com or directly from the ennoLogic.com website. Orders placed at the ennoLogic.com website also include free domestic shipping within the United States.

This represents a significant savings for engineers, professional home users and technicians who are in need of reliable accurate equipment at a discounted price.

The discount offers specialists the opportunity to save on the eM860T multimeter to perform a wide range of applications, including trouble-shooting electrical wiring issues, bad switches and outlets, testing of solar applications and new electrical installations, renovations and upgraded wiring installations.

In the lab or in the field, professional engineers and expert home users can rely on the eM860T for accurate, reliable measurements providing fast and easy access to the information needed to make accurate assessments of electrical outages, shorts, and other problems.

The promotion, in honor of the eM860T’s first anniversary, is being offered throughout the month of October and is valid for all purchases in the United States.

“We’re very pleased to celebrate the one year anniversary of this powerful and reliable multimeter in our line.” company spokesman, Chris Johnston stated. “We have seen a great response to this meter over its first year with our customers and it has maintained its position right at the top of our expectation for it as a reliable, accurate and easy to use solution for professionals who rely on high quality instruments in their daily work environments. We are proud to have the eM860T in our line-up of reliable and trustworthy instruments under the ennoLogic brand.”, he concluded. “We are extremely happy with the high customer satisfaction and its over-all first year results.”

The eM860T is available for purchase on Amazon.com and at the ennoLogic.com website. Additional information about the eM860T multimeter can also be found at the ennoLogic website.

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