Enlightenment-How Publishes Movie Review for the Movie Lucy

Movie Review of Lucy Starring Scarlett Johansson. The movie review examines whether the main character, Lucy, displays the qualities of spiritual awakening and enlightenment as her brain power increases during the evolution of the events portrayed in the movie.

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Movie Review: Lucy

This movie review describes how Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansonn, after being
attacked by gangsters, accidentally absorbs a huge amount of brain altering drug. As a consequence her brain capacity increases very rapidly and she starts developing superpowers.

The movie review discusses whether her superpowers also include the capacity normally ascribed to spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment. Once she has discovered that her brain is increasing, she uses her superpowers to wipe out the gangsters responsible for her situation, and many innocent bystanders, in the pursuit of understanding her predicament. The review looks at whether Lucy is behaving in an enlightened way or not. It quotes and comments on other reviewer's opinions on the movie, including Slate and NPR.

Martyn Williams, owner of Enlightenment-How, says: “Many people struggle with the fact that we can all quite quickly develop some of the qualities that Lucy shows in the movie, when we set the goal of living and enlightening life.”

From his experience learning from enlightened masters in India he points out that many of the qualities that Lucy shows in the movie are not so extraordinary, and are frequently demonstrated by enlightened masters.

Movie Review for the Movie Lucy. This blog post gives solid information that's not usually shared openly in the Personal Development industry about the extraordinary mystical and supernatural abilities of enlightened masters. The blog post is at http://enlightenmenthow.com

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