Enhancing a Mans Commitment To You – Infatuation Scripts Strategy Updated

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Infatuation Scripts, this online inclusive program teaches single women relationship psychology as it relates to building and sustaining a romantic relationship.

Romance Dr has updated the Infatuation Scripts program to include three e-books that discuss relationship psychology, infatuation triggers, and ways to encourage men to invest in romantic relationships. Infatuation Scripts is an e-book and video program designed to teach single women how to guide a man towards total commitment.

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The updated Infatuation Scripts series now features three ebooks, “The Commitment Calculator”, “Make Any Man Yours For Life”, and “Why Men Shut Women Out”. These three books provide supplementary information to use alongside the Infatuation Scripts program.

The Infatuation Scripts program is based on psychology research presented in journals such as The Journal of Social Psychology, Gender and Society, and The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. This research covers topics such as nonverbal communication, relationship satisfaction, and how men and women show love differently.

Infatuation Scripts was developed by Clayton Max and provides relationship advice based on clinical research into brain function and relationship psychology. The program serves as a guide for women to shift a man’s focus onto them and their relationship.

The program focuses on a man’s “infatuation instinct” and how encouraging this instinct can override a man’s natural resistance to commitment. Infatuation Scripts outlines three essential elements needed to trigger this infatuation instinct in a man.

The program outlines specific scripts that women can use to influence a man’s thoughts and feelings about them. These 96 scripts provide word-for-word examples of what to say to help a man overcome his fears of commitment.

Infatuation Scripts can be helpful at any stage of a relationship, from first dates to years-long relationships. The course also covers putting the spark back into long-term or dormant romantic connections. The program is available in PDF, Kindle, iBook, audiobook, and video formats.

The three bonus ebooks cover topics such as why men want a committed relationship, answers to why men close themselves off from women, and how to build a loving relationship with a man.

A satisfied customer said, “Following the course has, so far, been a success. I’m happy to say that I took the pressure completely off my man and he even noticed it. Just yesterday he commented on how I’m not showing my jealousy anymore. The program is incredible.”

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